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"Take Care"

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

1) Sleep. 

I'm not just saying this from a lazy teenager's point of view. A good night's rest will put you in a great mood. 

2) Clean.

Don't forget the power of an uncluttered desk, a fresh-smelling room, and the feel of newly washed sheets. (Not to mention the power of a long hot shower.)

3) Eat. 

No matter your diet, let's face it. Food is a love language. So love yourself! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and of course, the most important meal of the day, ice cream. 

4) Music. 

Our creative juices are fueled by sound and rhythm. Get creative. Dance a little. 

5) Read. 

New dreams, new ideas, and new imaginations are only found in a book. Even a paragraph will do. (What do I recommend? Well, there's this really cool book called The Bible...)

6) Create. 

A video, a painting, a journal, a song, an outfit, a picture, a plan. Shall I continue?

7) Company.

The people who make you laugh without even trying, who were there from the beginning and will support you until the end? Yeah, those people. Invite them over. Good company is medicine.

8) Encourage.

When you feel discouraged, encourage. Trust me. It works. 

9) Relax.

A nice bubble bath, my friends, is key. Perhaps even taking a power nap? 

10) Trust. 

You'll have your good days, and then you'll have your spilling-the-fresh-cup-of-coffee-on-your-white-shirt days. But, despite it all, you'll be okay. You've made it this far, right?

Take care. 

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