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"My Name is Anxiety" by Ayana Symone
$12.99 + shipping

Who are you?
Who are you really?

Are you your race? Your gender? Your class? Your sexuality? Your mistakes? Your fears? What you look like? Your struggles? Your sin? Are you who others say you are?

If you don't know, neither does this character.
But, they're about to find out.

Dive into the real, raw revelation of what it means to know your true name, exploring topics such as trauma, family wounds, sexuality, identity, relationships, and faith in this thought-provoking novel.


Available on Amazon now. Click picture to purchase.

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"How I Fell in Love with Myself" by Ayana Symone
$12.99 + shipping

Seventeen-year-old Christia Carter fell in love with the boy of her dreams: a charming, confident, yet sometimes confusing, AJ Taylor. However, despite a year of spontaneous adventures downtown, late-night conversations, and regaining self-confidence together, he strangely disappears. Missing him desperately and confused as to why he would abandon her, Christia comes up with one possibility: maybe AJ never loved her at all.

After battling long, sleepless nights, judgmental lectures from her religious parents, dark thoughts clouding her mind, and questions regarding her self-worth, Christia is a set on a journey to find out who she is mentally, emotionally, and spiritually with a growing hope that maybe, she can live without AJ after all.


Available on Amazon now. Click picture to purchase.

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Christia's Mug
$6.99 + shipping


Raise your mug to freedom with Christia's Coffee Mug to match your copy of How I Fell in Love with Myself!

Available on TeeChip. Click product to purchase.

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