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"2024's Anthem"

I'll be honest with you, reader:

I've got a lot of high hopes for 2024.

After last year quite literally kicked me in the tail (more times than I'd like to admit), my hope for the New Year isn't lost. If anything, I've never anticipated a new set of 365 days more than I am now.

I could go on to explain that my expectancy comes from what I plan to do this yearthat I am set out to do some of the wildest, most exciting work I've ever put my hands to. But, if I'm honest, I believe in 2024's success for a reason much greatera reason I figured I'd spend some time sharing in today's post.

This might sound too simple.

This might sound typical.

But, greater than any opportunity, victory, and especially any failure I'm sure to face in 2024, I'm looking forward to what the New Year brings because of the One I'll be spending it with.

(I told you it might sound too simple!)

Some of you are rolling your eyes.

Others of you understand.

I'm hopeful about the New Year because I'm hoping in Jesus

which, if I'm honest, hasn't always been the case.

In many desperate attempts to survive hard moments in my own strengthin my own armorI neglected the wonderful truth that I don't have to hope in my ability. I don't have to hope in how well I can clean up a mess or figure something out. I can trust Jesus insteadmy Savior and Friend. I can invite Him into my weakness and end up being strong in Him.

That reminder alone makes me unafraid to face all of what 2024 will bring me.

And, the reason why I felt inclined to share this with you is because I want to encourage you to trust in Him as well.


Because He knows the best pathway for your life. When He tells you yes, it's for your good. When He tells you no, it's for your good. He knows you best. He cares about you deeply.

Most of all, He loves you most.

Trusting Him is the greatest choice you could ever make.

I regret the many moments where I didn't last year.

But, for 2024? I'm turning that around.

Trusting in God fully and completely is my new anthem.

It could be the anthem for you too.

Let's see the amazing ways God will work this year as we trust in Him together.

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