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"Power to the Weak"

Dear reader,

If you are feeling weak in any way, I'm writing this blog post to you.

I wish I could say I'm blogging this month in high spirits, but I am unfortunately battling heavy devastation, a three-day headache, and a hurting heart.

You and me both need a whole lot of hope right now. You, me, and the whole world.

From the surprise attack of COVID-19 to the awful murder of George Floyd, from the battles some of you are fighting within to the wars being waged around us, from the everyday mishaps to the prolonged struggles you have yet to conquer, I want to bring something I haven't seen much of during these uncertain times:


I want this post to encourage, uplift, and strengthen those who need it. Whether the recent tragedy has left you feeling disturbed or if you have been hurting for months now, I want to dedicate this blog post to delivering some good news to us bothto every weak person, weary mind, and burdened heart:

There is power for the weak.

And, this kind of power strengthens the weary. It energizes the exhausted and increases the power of those with no might. It doesn't depend on how much strength you yourself have because this kind of power can hold all on its own.

You can't find it in the world.

It's not on the news.

It's barely on your timeline.

This type of power can only be found in none other than Jesus Christ.

I've joined with Black and White Americans alike this week mourning over the tragic and unfair murder of George Floyd, a crime committed and witnessed by men with badges. And, my emotions have been incredibly high since the video release and have been heightened after seeing the aftermath. The heartbreaking footage has inevitably left me devastated, and I can say with honesty that the events that have followed have both overwhelmed and weakened my spirit, leaving me no choice but to run to something that has never failed me:

The Word of God.

And, His Word says in Isaiah 40:29 that it is He who gives power to the weak, and as the verse goes on to say, strength to the powerless.

This is good news for those of us who need fresh strength. We need power, and Christ would love nothing more than to give it to those who ask Him.

I've asked Him for it more than once since the tragedy. Every time more bad news is released, I find myself holding Him to His Word. And, I've found that no matter how I askedbe it a whisper, a cry, a yellHe came running towards me, armed in power, full of grace and truth. And, if He came alongside me for my aid, I know He'll come alongside you who are hurting too. This is what a Father does. He'll come down to your lowest point if it means time spent with you. He wants to strengthen you during this time. He wants to shower you in His love. His love fights for you, and in case you forgot in the midst of your pain or may have never heard it before, His love always wins. It's won before on the cross. It's winning now. And, it's already secured the trophy for the future. This is a reason to celebrate. The God who strengthens you is a winner.

And, as I've been praying this verse over myself this week, disgusted by the tragedy that has taken place, I want to pray Ephesians 3:16 over every hurting heart as wellthat out of God's glorious and unlimited resources, He would empower us with inner strength through His spirit.

Strength to endure pain.

Strength to endure persecution.

Strength to endure panic.

Strength to progress.

It is then that we can do all things through Christ because He is the Onethe Only Onewho can really strengthen us.

And, the truth is that He's ready to. God looks forward to giving you power. In fact, it is our weakness where His strength works the best, and if His strength completely overrides our weakness, it's an automatic win. There's no suspense, no question about it. Nothing can stand a chance. For with Christ, when we are weak, even then, we are strong.

And, alongside my reminder to you that God is a God of justice, this is the type of good news I encourage you to consume this week and weeks after. There's hope in Jesus Christ, and He counts giving you power as His reward.

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