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My Name is Anxiety

Book Club!

W E E K    T H R E E

Find week three's reading, live chat, prompt,  discussion board, & break-down on this page!

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So, here it is, reader!
We've reached the end. 

And, now it's time to dissect the true heart behind My Name is Anxiety. 

But, per usual, we're going to dissect together. 

That being said, let's do a fun little activity! Now that we've read each page, let's go back again and jot down every single name the main character was called. From being called "idiot" within the first chapter to "dummy" to "friend," go through the novel and take note of every single name the main character was referred to. Then, come back to our discussion board and answer this:

What name did the character respond with on page 178?
Or, in other words, how did the character identify as all along? 

And, together, let's discuss the significance. 

Every comment matters. Leave yours below!

The Live Dive

All the break-down. All the insight. All the fun. 


Friends, join me on Sunday, January 29th at 5 PM EST for Week Three of our Live Dive!

Prepare to dive into our reading of My Name is Anxiety  live as I add in my perspective as author—a viewpoint I'm not sharing with anyone else but you! What's more? I want to hear from you, too! Prepare to leave comments behind, ask questions, and roll up your sleeves to dive in together!

This channel is coming soon!

Chat with me during the Live Dive by leaving comments behind!

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