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My Name is Anxiety

Book Club!

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Okay, reader.
I've got a fun activity for this week's discussion. 

The novel we are studying is titled, My Name is Anxiety, right?
Which may or may not suggest that all the names in the book mean something extremely significant.

Let's talk about it. 

For example, the name 'Drea' means manly & virile. (Hence all of her burping and beer consumption).
Mara? It means bitter. (Maybe why Mara reacted the way she did at Thanksgiving?)
Tristan? It means sorrowful. 
Mary? The character's mother? Mary means rebellious. 
There's a reason why Aunt Judy is nicknamed Aunt Judgy—the same reason why Aunt Ruth is secretly referred to as Aunt Ruthless and Uncle Brian as Uncle Brainy. 

It kind of seems like—names in this book are directly related to how each character behaves. Don't they?

Let's discuss. 

What other names in the book might be significant? And, most importantly, how do you think the main character's name relates to who they appear to be in the book?

This is where it gets deep.
Think about it!

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