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My Name is Anxiety

Book Club!

Find each chapter's live chat, prompt,  & break-down on this page!

The Final Break Down

Watch the very last Live Dive for the full break-down of everything you just read! 

We went deep for the final dive. Feel free to drop your comments below!

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Every good writer knows that if you want to make a good first impression on the reader, you have to make sure they connect well with the main character. And, every reader can tell if they're going to love the novel if it only took them five chapters to find a friend in the main character. So! Being that we've had five chapters—five chances—to get a first impression on our main character, now it's time to discuss our thoughts.

So, tell me...What are your first thoughts on the main character?!

What do you think the main character looks like? (Height, skin color, weight, etc.).
Why do you think the character is so anxious?
What is still unknown about the character? 
How did you come to these conclusions?